You Don't Say That! is a bi-weekly podcast, hosted by long time friends Marcus and Scott, who like to talk about whatever happens to be on their mind. Each episode will center around a few topics but ultimately the conversation will be completely on-the-fly (ie. Stream of consciousness with many digressions).

Imagine two friends sitting at a restaurant, enjoying light-hearted conversation, where the audience is made up of the people at the table next to us who happen to be eavesdropping.

But why? For every successful project, there's a strong reason for why it exists. For us, it's about having a natural and engaging, yet comical, conversation like we always do and sharing it with the world. Life is too complicated sometimes and this is how we unwind. We hope you'll join us on this journey.



  • Marcus and Scott reside with their wives in South Florida
  • Marcus can't eat gluten. Scott likes extra gluten.
  • Both enjoy video games. Nintendo Switch is where its at.
  • Marcus (Cowboys) and Scott (Dolphins) are both football fans
  • Their favorite movie is Step Brothers. Did we just become best friends?!
  • Favorite TV Shows: Marcus (Band of Brothers) and Scott (The Office)